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People and Democracy

People and Democracy

Syeda roushan Bano Syeda roushan Bano


This is a collection of poems highlighting the different people in our society, whom we see yet tend to overlook. It’s very essential to mention that these people work hard for us. Alongwith the different people, this collection also finds out the elements which make our democracy bad and suggests the remedies to overcome all these. About...More
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About the author-Syeda Roushan Bano has written different poems and stories in English.Her book “The Coloured Sunglasses “,had won the Sahitya Jagat award in 2019.Her novel ,”Uninterrupted “,has been published all over India.(2019).She loves to write about Mother India and her city -Kolkata,where she is born.

Publish Date : 17 Aug 2020

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Chapter : 20

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