In the Jungles of Kokonino

In the Jungles of Kokonino

Sukumar  Ruj Sukumar Ruj


'In the Jungles of Kokonino' is an adventure science fiction focused on botany. Samyantak Sengupta, an Indian scientist who hails from Baltimore engages in a laboratory in Greenland, founded and run by Smithsonian Research Institute. His objective is to research how and which cereals, fruits and vegetable products can possibly be derived from icy...More
Novel Science Fiction

A prolific writer in Bengali & english languages (b. 1963) well-known Bengali short story writer & Novelist, has authored many books of short-stories & Novels, recipient of many prestigious awards from various literary organizations, some of his short stories & Novels have been translated into other languages. Add: B/47/31 Christopher Road, Kolkata- 700046 e-mail :

Publish Date : 21 Aug 2020

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Chapter : 11


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