The Slim Princess

The Slim Princess

Ade George Ade George


In the fictional land of Morovenia, where large women are considered beautiful while thin ones are unattractive, the 'slim princess' Kalora struggles to attract a suitor until she meets a brash young American. The life of ‘The Slim Princess’ began in the fertile imagination of the humorist George Ade, (1866-1944) Ade’s humor is very much in...More
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George Ade (February 9, 1866 – May 16, 1944) was an American writer, syndicated newspaper columnist, and playwright who gained national notoriety at the turn of the 20th century with his "Stories of the Streets and of the Town", a column that used street language and slang to describe daily life in Chicago, and a column of his fables in slang, which were humorous stories that featured vernacular speech and the liberal use of capitalization in his characters' dialog. Ade's fables in slang gained him wealth and fame as an American humorist, as well as earning him the nickname of the "Aesop of Indiana". His notable early books include Artie (1896); Pink Marsh (1897); Fables in Slang (1900), the first in a series of books; and In Babel...More

Publish Date : 30 Mar 2021

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