My Dear Mom!

My Dear Mom!

Bharati Vadera Bharati Vadera
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જયશ્રી બોરીચા વાજા 'લાવણ્યા'. - (01 July 2021) 5
Ohh my god..! soo beautiful n lovely you are dear Poyani, You are still alive in our tears, in our smile, in our heart, in this air, in this beautiful flowers n their fragrance, in sun's rays, in all dear.. bcoz yeah your parents done this .. ur last wishes they fulfilled. while reading your letter tears in my eyes n proud n clapps for you. lottss of blessings to you dear angel Poyani. Sending lottss of luv to your way..! 💖💖🙏🙏

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નિકિતા પંચાલ - (22 June 2021) 5

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મને શબ્દોનાં આકાશમાં ઉડવું ગમે.

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