An Indian Jataka

An Indian Jataka

Achmed  Abdullah Achmed Abdullah


An Indian Jataka affirms that "love demands eternal vigilance," published in The Ten Foot Chain; or, Can Love Survive the Shackles? (1920). (A "jataka" is an Indian story about the former lives of the Buddha.)
Short story
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Achmed Abdullah (12 May 1881 – 12 May 1945) was an American writer. He is most noted for his pulp stories of crime, mystery and adventure. He wrote screenplays for some successful films. He was the author of the progressive Siamese drama Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness, an Academy Award-nominated film made in 1927. He earned an Academy Award nomination for collaborating on the screenplay to the 1935 film The Lives of a Bengal Lancer.

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