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Sky. An ocean of endless clouds and particles. Scientifically speaking, the sky has several particles which scatter light and that’s how we get the blend of unusual colours in the sky.

Ever thought how everything about nature teaches us something…I was appreciating the sky’s beauty this evening and I realized something.

The sky is just another metaphor for our life. The clouds are people who we come across, who disappear and appear as and when the time comes. The stars are goals that we have to reach, they are stable and ever- lasting. The sun is us, which enlightens the entire sky with its light. The moon is our reflection, that shows how beautiful we can be enduring the nights, the tough times in our life… The sun rays are the opportunities within us that we just need to emit. The various particles are the obstacles that our opportunities and goals encounter. The obstacles are what we have to bombard with, in order to light our sky, our life…

The numerous particles show uncountable obstacles that lie everywhere and are supposed to be there, so that we light up. There are enumerable opportunities, obstructions, sad and happy moments in our lives just like the endless expanse of the sky.



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