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There was a crowd of spectators all around.  He was waiting for her to come on stage.  He was sitting behind the stage, yawning.  Fatigue was dominating his body in such a way that as he tried to get up from his place, he felt that a lot of weight was placed on his back.  When he moved his legs forward to come on stage, chains of pain tied his legs.  Taking a load of fatigue on his back and pulling the chains of pain from his feet, he approaches the stage.

The curtain is dropped on the stage.  The wait of audience was increasing for him.  The audience was eager to see his talent.  His discomfort was so great that he started calling him.  The audience was beheaded for the price paid to see their talent.

His name has been announced.  Gradually, the curtain is lifted from the stage.  As soon as the curtain rises, a smile is formed on his face.  He laughs and laughs at the audience, carrying the weight of fatigue from behind and opening the chains of pain from the feet.  The audience sitting in front also blossoms with him.

Then the skill show begins.  Sometimes he laughs, sometimes he cries.  Sometimes he falls and sometimes he rises and sometimes he stands down.  The audience laughs when they tell jokes.  Sometimes we play games and sometimes we laugh and cry.

The audience is happy to see her feat, her games, her dress and her appearance and after paying the price paid to see her talent, she again waits for a new talent.  Now there is no need for his skills.

Now the curtain of the stage fell.  As the curtain falls, he bears the weight of fatigue on his back and after putting the chains of pain on his feet, he slowly returns to where he came from.  His profession was to hide the pain of his life in his smile.  He is an excellent actor on the stage of life because he is a clown on the stage of life.


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