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A Secret Letter

Modern Readers,

The 3rd One’s post,

Shopizen English.


Dear Reader,

         Do you believe in Secret organizations and conspiracies? Or is it just fiction? Which one comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Secret Organization’? Illuminati? Well, I am sorry and stunned at the same time to know this. My intention of creating ‘Illuminati’ was never to create an atmosphere of fear.

         I was born in Ingolstadt, in the Electorate of Bavaria, a part of what you call ‘Germany’ now. I had a pretty normal life with a good job as a Professor and had a loving family. The only trouble that I ever had was my habit of reading. I used to read a lot. This bad habit of mine made me find my way to the materials inspired by the French Revolution. I was so restless that I never knew that the results of revolutions are as bitter as the taste of it is sweeter.

         I never intended to stand against the state directly. All I wanted was a little freedom which the monarchy and the Church never gave me. So I found my way to illumination which was just ideas and practices that were ahead of my time.

         Instead of joining the expanding forces of Freemasonry in Europe, I started my own society. A Secret Society to protect my freedom. Let me clear it once again. I was never against religion. Rather, I only opposed the way in which it was practiced and imposed. My thinking offered freedom from all religious prejudices; cultivates the social virtues; and animated them by a great, feasible, and speedy prospect of universal happiness.

         I remember our first meeting on the night of May 1, 1776. We were only five men then. We settled three levels of memberships. Novices, Minervals, and Illuminated Minervals. Please note the word ‘Minervals’ here. It was taken from the Roman Goddess of Wisdom, Minerva. See, the only thing we intended to do was spread wisdom.

         We were growing fast in those days. Baron von Knigge, former Freemason, and my friend played an important role in our mission. By the end of 1784, we were around three thousand in number. But no good deed goes unpunished. The same happened to me. Once I and Knigge had a conflict and he left the Organization. Our foundation became weak when Knigge left. That was when the State hammered us. One of our ex-member, Joseph Utzschneider, wrote a letter to the Grand Duchess of Bavaria which lifted the curtain behind which we were hidden. We were falsely accused of some of the things that we never believed. Other things were true, but they should be considered as the base of modern liberation and nothing else.

         The Duke-Elector of Bavaria indirectly banned our organization in June 1784. But this indirect ban didn’t affect us much. We kept going with our pace lessened. But in less than a year, March 1785 to be precise, we were banned directly and expressly. Our arrest warrants were drawn and the police found some disturbing materials (by their standards) from the investigation.

         In 1787, membership to our secret organization was declared to be punished by death. Our Secret Society was dissolved and I lost my job with false accusations of going against ‘the faith’. I was even falsely accused of fueling the French Revolution. I was forced to spend the rest of my life in Gotha in Saxony as a Professor of Philosophy.

         Are you wondering why am I telling this to you? To let you know that the Illuminati that I created were done and dusted while I lived. I just want to request you to stop blaming me or my Illuminati of everything bad that happens in the world. Yes, it does make a Good Science-Fiction. But please pay attention to the ‘Fiction’ part. There are no evil Illuminati. And even if they are, they are not my followers.

         My only advice to you before resting my pen is to believe in history but not in ‘GLORIFIED HISTORY’. Because one’s glory is someone else's shame. Resting in Peace at last.


Not a Criminal,

Adam Weishaupt  


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