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Gol keri film review

Just before lockdown i remember seeing last  movie in theatre 'gol keri'. Good treat about family ties, concern of parents about children, when to show love and how and when and how to be firm in very personal bonding etc. well depicted.

Funny to see mom telling a breakup a 'divorce', some unknown to me terms like mohul or something, dad callinng mojito મોજીતો instead of મોહિતો and waiter correcting him.

The scene of a restaurant where they intentionalky take the broken up couple and playing of game building a tower, telling what punishment card says was indicative and message giving.

In general they sit, enjoy like filmi gujaratis in posh drawing room but when it is to tell in black and white to the son. It is library surrounded by good books and father slowly occupying higher position sitting on table with each dialogue.

 The girl aims to be a stage artist and a fantastic lady comedy show artist but on her first joke performance in a restautmrant nobody laughs except a youth who becomes her boyfriend. Liked the funny idea of 'કોગળા કરવા ગુસ્સો આવે ત્યારે'. The boy likes the girl gargling.

Girl is liked by boy's parents in first meet  after which the dad reveals ' if we can't, she will take care of you.' But some jealousy and some dislikes like  the girl drinking and loosing senses displeases the boy. The fight is common but they resolve. Both parents have accepted them as bahu and damad even before engagement. Just then the normal small fights endup in a breakup and the girl now decides to go  to mumbai for a brighter career which she postponed just for that boyfriend.

In final climax scene like our saptapadi initially the girl rushes with heavy baggage alone and after some  matters resolving satisfactorily, the boy draws the trollies. The father giving son final advice with focus of key in hand and a scooter giving trouble but running carrying a happy family are 'pratiks' , symbols in my view.

Good family drama.

I am writing in english just because nongujarati friends can love a gujarati film story.

Films are films. But enjoyed 2 hours 15 minutes.


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