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When we don't know the 

next step

You are free to do all.

When we don't sure the 

next spoor,

may it be in hell.

Every moment we live

We live to seek the next

Every day we mourn the 'was'

Every footstep we have

may not meet its path

We just love to hope,

We just live to paint

All that can be...

All that may be,

to embrace the 'have'

to embrace the 'is'

living is 'love'

If we can grab the

passing sand to frame

It in a timepiece!

If we can hold the all 'was',

there no 'was' or 'will' exist,

nor the 'is' too

only remain the stillness

that we seek to grasp for decades

all that remain is 'none'

no 'hope' or pain,

if we can hold the sand

All in our clench....


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