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There is a popular saying that birds of same feathers flock together; something like that happened in case of the relation between Biltu, a youth of about twenty five and Mr Proloy Sen, a man of about fifty years. Until the day before, they were strangers to one another in spite of having lots of similarity between them.


Both of them came to Bangalore from Kolkata along with their respective patients for treatment. After admitting their patients, they became jobless and had to find certain means of killing their time; as you know waiting is one of the worst things on the earth. Fortunately they found one another in a pay and use toilet and instantly became friends and started sharing a room in a hotel near the hospital.


They preferred exploring Bangalore, the garden city, on foot. Suddenly Biltu found Mr Sen started releasing water finding an opening in a covered drain beside the pavement through which they were walking irregularly; probably under the magic spell of beer that they consumed to quench their thirst.


Keenly observing his face, it was felt that Mr Sen was becoming light and relaxed by releasing contaminated water from his body; he was getting heavenly pleasure out of his savage activity. 


Thank God! It was not a crowded area. Only two luxury cars passed during that divine process. Completing his turn, Mr Sen invited Biltu to follow his path but without showing any interest the latter decided to quit that spot in a hurry but in vain. 


Within few yards of their escape, a police van stopped before them and the duty constable or officer, checking something in his mobile, arrested Mr Sen. Following Mr Sen  Biltu too was going to enter into the police van, and then one of them prevented him from entering. Having been stopped he expressed his anger and said," He is my friend. How do you take him alone? You have to accommodate me too and I see ample space in the van."


To counter him that duty constable informed," He has committed crime by urinating on the pavement. He has been arrested as it is a criminal offence, punishable by law."


He retorted, “Then arrest me too and put me into the van."


"I can't arrest you as you have committed no crime." The cop replied expressing his disappointment. 


“Just a minute sir! Let me commit the crime like my friend, so you can take two criminals at a time." He said like a true businessman expressing lucrative offer to his customer. 


Being angry the cop roared, “Do you like to break law in front of us?"


"Don't worry, I will tell the truth before the judge.”


Finding no alternative they took him too. In the van he found Mr Sen thoroughly relaxed and comfortable.


The police station was not very far away. It took very little time to reach there. Biltu tried to enter into the lockup along with Mr Sen but that constable didn't agree. He asked him to wait outside.



Biltu made a vain attempt in making Mr Sen free from the hand of police by giving bribe or at least paying fine for breaking the existing sanitary law of the land but the duty constable was determined to put him (Mr Sen) behind the bar.


It seemed that the crime rate in Bangalore had gone down awfully and it was a matter of shame for police. He was advised to remain present in the court on the next day. Ignoring his advice, Biltu decided to wait for the duty officer who might come any time before or after evening.


 Having switched off the mobile Biltu decided to go for a midday nap utilizing the flat bench and within no time he went into a slumber. 


Around 6:30pm, he was woken up by that duty constable and brought before his officer. 


The duty officer judged his face keenly and asked," What do you want? "


"I want to go to the lockup." Biltu replied like a school boy. 


"Is the police lockup a museum?" The duty officer asked him rudely. 


Like a stubborn school boy, he nagged," Whatever may be, please keep me inside the lockup like my friend."


"Who is your friend? That middle aged man? Do you think I am a fool?"


"Yes sir, we are friends."


Suddenly changing his mood, the officer shouted," You stupid, stop talking. Just shut your mouth. I know how to dig out the truth."


Biltu sincerely felt,” Telling truth is a criminal offence in a police station.” He remained silent pretending to be extremely puzzled by his abrupt shout. From his experience he knew, "To police, truth is lie and lie is truth." 


That time, that duty constable who most unwillingly brought him to that police station, came forward and complained, “Sir he is very irritating, he wanted to commit crime in front of us in order to get arrested.”


“Why do you allow this type of crazy fellow to enter into the police station? It's not an asylum. Anyway I know how to treat him.” The officer said proudly. 


Biltu’s heart pounded with joy as he was going to be united with his friend at the lockup. 


“You will confess by your own or I will have to apply my technique." The officer asked.


Being extremely polite he replied, “Yes sir I am ready to confess. Tell me what to confess."


“The man in the lockup is your father and you want to release him throwing dust in the eyes of police.”


“Yes sir he is my father and I forgot; I was facing the Bangalore police, the most clever and skilled police force in India.”


His complete surrender and flattery seemed to have pleased  the officer a lot and bringing his calm and composed mood back, he said, “Now tell the entire event without hiding anything. "


Getting a golden chance he started," Sir, we have come here in Bangalore from Kolkata this morning for treatment. My father has been suffering from a peculiar disease. The doctors in Kolkata failed to provide any relief to my dad. We visited hospital after breakfast and knowing that they asked us to visit tomorrow in empty stomach, so that they could start investigations then onwards. "


“What is the name of that peculiar disease?" The officer asked interrupting him. 


“Sir he has been suffering from acute dehydration, the problem is that he drinks ample water but still suffering from dehydration. I mean his body cells are not getting enough water. It's a peculiar disease, doctors failed to do anything in Kolkata, they are good for nothing."


“Sir but we found his father in a drunken state and still now he has been sleeping in the lockup." The duty constable added in-between. 


Being surprised the officer asked, “Is it true?"


"Yes sir, Bangalore police is absolutely right. I administered beer as a drug to save him from acute dehydration. I wanted to save his life until tomorrow. After that, the treatment will start and I am sure, he will be alright."


“Can beer save a man from dehydration?"


“Yes sir, it's a practical remedy, obviously for the time being. Didn't you go through that advertisement stating, drink beer save water? Actually one bottle of beer is equal to seven bottle of water."


"Who said so?"


"Sir the beer companies claim so."


“It seems beer is quite good for health!"


Without uttering anything he just gave him a smile of appreciation. 


“Now I understand why you were desperate to enter into the lockup." He came to the conclusion nodding his head meaningfully and then asked his subordinate," Did his father show any resistance while getting arrested?"


“No sir, he was very cooperative, as if he was ready to come along with us." The duty constable replied. 


“It’s not very wise to keep an ailing man in the police lockup until tomorrow and on top of that they have come here for treatment. Ok, Dravid collect fine from him and release him with warnings. "


 With this wise order, the duty officer solved the case. 


Considering Mr Sen a thoroughly unpredictable creature on earth, Biltu tried to avoid him but in vain. Mr Sen became almost like a shadow of Biltu ; started following him anywhere and everywhere except toilets and bathrooms.


One night at around eleven, Biltu was getting ready for his usual nocturnal walk; he loved enjoying the beauty of sleeping giants. Mr Sen was found sleeping peacefully. Having been relaxed when Biltu was about to set out, Mr Sen jumped out of his bed and said, “Where are you going? I will go with you.”


Biltu replied boldly, “I don't like to take you.”


"Why? What is my fault?"


"No, you don't have any fault. Now you just sleep like a good boy."


"No, I can't. My grandpa said, ‘neither a lender nor a borrower be’. I like to pay you back in the same coin."


"Who is your grandpa? Shakespeare?"


"Did Shakespeare too say the same thing regarding lending and borrowing?"


"What nonsense are you talking? Have you gone crazy?"


"Getting puzzled? Good; I exactly wanted that. I am using your technique on you. Listen to me carefully. Either take me along with you or get yourself ready to get arrested by Bangalore police. "


"Why will they arrest me?"


"I will go and complain; leaving his ailing father, the son went out for nocturnal adventures and see what happens.”


"Very strange! But why? What will you get out of my arrest?"


"Then I will get a chance to pay you back; by releasing you from their hands by the power of my innovative lies."


"Ok, if you are really adamant in accompanying me, then I have nothing to do. Let's move; we are already late. "


Walking about five kilometres through lanes, and by lanes, finally they took a two lanes road. Walking on the lonely roads at post midnight is Biltu's favourite hobby. Several times in Kolkata he got arrested for that crazy hobby and later police too started ignoring him.


Feeling tired Mr Sen wished to have a car for their night safari as he accepted that night's adventure as ‘safari’. 


Suddenly a black car stopped crossing them and Mr Sen rushed towards that car considering that his wish might have been granted by Almighty; he was not sure whether he was an atheist or theist, he had the habit of changing his stand like most other cowards. 


Finding no way out, Biltu had to follow him in order to pull him back from committing another silly crime. The driver of that car exposed her face through window and signalled Biltu to enter into the car.


It was Biltu's turn to be surprised as he knew nobody with such luxurious car in that city. He felt that the lady might like to offer them lift out of sympathy. It was beyond Biltu's ethics to exploit such kindness. Thus, being humble and polite he said softly, “It’s ok Madame, we can walk up to our home, and it’s nearby. Thanks a lot. "


In reply, that lady shouted rudely," Dame it! Come in. Kick that stray dog. We will have a gala night. Don't waste time. Come in.”


Mr Sen 's  moon burnt brain received only the welcome signal and accepting that as the gift of God, he was about to pull the rear door in order to grab the golden opportunity or else that might go into the darkness of night by the hesitating attitude of Biltu. 


Sensing impending danger Biltu pulled Mr Sen from the back and with the twinkling of an eye, changing the pavement he started walking at the opposite direction. 


Mr Sen, having been pulled boldly by Biltu, became irritated and asked," What is wrong with you? Do you like to become hero by refusing such sweet offers? So sweetly she said 'come in'."


Biltu got relief with the departure of that black car in its own direction. Leaving a sigh of relief Biltu scolded Mr Sen, his self appointed father, “Where Angels fear to trade, there Devils jump. How dare you become restless in taking lift from an unknown lady at post midnight? I miscalculated you. Are you a sly cat or a fool? Let's move homeward. Enough is enough. "


Mr Sen replied angrily," This is not fair Biltu. You can't scold your feeble and fatigued father like this. After all he is your respectable father.” He completed his speech giving stress on the word 'father'.


Having been irritated by the whimsical behaviour of Mr Sen, Biltu couldn't retort; he just muttered," Had I known an innocent lie would make my life hell, I would never commit that blunder."


Suddenly a police van stopped before them. A constable got down and checking something in his mobile, he pointed his fingers at Biltu and asked his helpers to put him into the van.


Without protesting, Biltu entered into the police van and felt relaxed. Following him Mr Sen too wanted to occupy a seat in that van but he was prevented from doing so. It seemed that the fate had been playing fun with them. It decided to isolate them at any cost but Mr Sen didn't like to be a puppet in the hands of Almighty; he changed his stand, he became an atheist. He started arguing.


Like a lawyer he asked," Why do you arrest my client?"


"Are you a lawyer?" The constable asked inquisitively. 


"No I am his father.” Mr Sen replied boldly. 


"See your son or client in the court tomorrow, don't disturb us."


“You can't take my son like this; you have to take me too."


“We can't detain you as there is no complain against you."


"Ok I am creating complain against myself; just a minute." Saying so, he started urinating on the road. 


Considering Mr Sen a lunatic, the police van departed completely ignoring his attempt in committing a sanitary crime. Mr Sen didn't know that specialisation in police service too initiated as the squad that arrested Biltu was an anti Romeo squad. 



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