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Thank You 2020

Thank You 2020

What a year!
We are two days away from ending this year and stepping into a new one. 2020 has been a roller coaster. Just as we see a straight track, there’s a sharp turn. 2020 has taught me one very important thing and that is to look at the positive side of life. There’s nothing that doesn’t have any good in it. 2020 helped me grow as a person and here’s how-
It began in the most unexpected way. We were 3 months into a new year and there was lockdown. I experienced the first curfew of my life. This made me realize how so many people don’t have anything and are struggling daily. I felt grateful for having food to eat, a comfortable place to sleep in and the most loving family. There were countless people losing their lives, jobs and dear ones. I was grateful to have everything that I treasure.

The lockdown has made me look deeper into myself and search for what I really like and love. I found my new interest of writing and it has helped me live through all these months. I would always write down things to feel light, and truly it has helped. Writing was my companion.
I finally took out my drawing book and created some drawings. It brought out the lost child in me. It made me remember so much of my childhood days when I would sit and draw or paint for hours together. I felt so satisfied to have created something on my own.

I am so happy to have found a ‘escape spot’ that helps me deal with stress and makes me feel relieved. I have found just so much inspiration and love in nature. It makes me feel welcome and wanted. Everytime I look at the birds or a blooming flower or a setting sun or a tree swaying to the breeze, it somehow fills me with motivation. Motivation to live more. It makes me feel satisfied.
I spent precious time with my family during the lockdown. We recollected so many memories and talked for hours together. Never would we have done that on a normal working day. I am so happy to have found such time in my life.

As the lockdown grew and online webinars and workshops came up, I connected with many new people and took up new challenges! It has helped me grow as a person and made me more free. The most important thing that I have gained and realized amidst all this is that, growing is your choice. You can not wait for things to fall in place. Life is too uncertain for that. Just go ahead and do what you want, because then maybe you won’t have the chance again. I have learnt to live in the moment and be grateful for everyday. Be grateful that I am alive, that I slept with a full stomach on a comfortable bed.
After having being affected by corona and staying quarantined, then managing a lot of things – studies and house work. It has made me independent and strong.
This year was my year to grow and forcibly look at the positive side of things. It has helped me consciously avoid negative thoughts. It is important to see the light amidst all the darkness, otherwise, you won’t be able to find your way through.
I am thankful to all the people who have supported me and helped me grow this year. I am thankful for the little things everyone has done to make me happy and feel loved.
Most importantly, I am thankful that I am alive and healthy.

Shaivee Chokshi
30. 12. 2020


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