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The Sunrise

The sun has always enticed me. Seeing the daily sunrise from the school bus in winters to at times see the sun set behind trees and yet look so beautiful, simply proving 'Nothing can dim the light that shines from within'.

Due to a pandemic now, we didn't have school and waking up early was a huge question. So not to miss the beautiful sun, I went up on the terrace to enjoy the soothing end to a day. Eventually the terrace became my spot to introspect and have some time with nature. The sun would show its brightest shade of red, even though it's going off for a long slumber, eventually putting the light off on our side of the world. The sunsets were remarkable and left me speechless daily. That is why, one day, I decided to witness the start of a day rather than the end.

On this particular day, I followed my daily school routine and woke up early to see the sunrise. Firstly, I went to the garden to have a view of the sky, unfortunately due to the urbanisation, I couldn't have a clear view of the sky from there, so I decided to go to 'my spot', the terrace.

As soon as I was on the top level of my terrace, I was left awestruck. The view was breath taking. Being a nature lover myself, I couldn't help but jump up and feel the fresh air hit my face. The birds were flying up high, in search of their daily food and waking up everyone on their way. Their beautiful songs were hard to resist and their excitement in the morning, surely did overpower mine.

Seeing the beautiful ball of fire, rise up above in the sky, I felt a unique warmth. The warmth of love and oneness. The sun made me feel grateful for another morning and I felt so glad, that I get another day to live, when many don't. I felt the warmth of oneness for, all of us witness the same sun rise and it makes me feel that we are all one, we are together.

It felt as if everything's at a standstill, waiting for the now semi-circled fire ball to grow into a circle.

Just as I was savouring the sight of the sun, the gleeful birds, the dancing trees and the limitless sky, I felt a presence behind me.

I turned around to see my mother standing there, trying to capture the view on her phone. To me, it seemed impossible to capture the beauty of the sky, sun, and the moment, in a small device.

We stood there enjoying the view and each other's presence for what seemed like hours. The sun had now risen to its fullest, glorifying the start to another day. After a few minutes my mother and I got into an hour-long conversation.

Starting from how the sun is the sight and symbol of both a start, when it rises and an end when it sets. We talked about a lot of things and it made me feel so good. I wished I were aware about certain things a little earlier. We had a wholesome conversation about how things come and go and 'this too shall pass' applies to every moment in our life. For a long time we stood there, lost deep in thought.

I craved the sight of the rising sun, but it was a moment which had already gone by, and I will never be able to see the sunrise on this day ever again. Every moment, good or bad, in life passes by.

However lovely our talk was, nothing could beat the silent conversation we shared with the nature and ourselves. It was an air filled with a unique satisfaction and peace. These moments made my blood rush and my heart beat faster. It was a 'happy adrenaline rush'.

However perfect and great the moment felt, it had to end and pass by. Considering the summer heat and the time, we decided to leave the sun, birds, trees and sky to carry out their deeds, and we left to carry out ours.

Just when I was about to step lower, I couldn't resist but give one last look to the fully risen sun on 15th of May 2020. 


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