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A New Perspective

Being young adults and first-hand witnesses of the Covid pandemic, a lot of thoughts wander our minds. Taking the whole situation positively and respecting others’ perspective about it is something we have learned.

Friend: Everyday I tend to appreciate the beauty of the world and the simple life processes.

Me: Hmmm, looks like it’s very necessary in today’s world, amidst this never-ending phase of hopelessness.

Friend: Don’t call it a phase of hopelessness.

There began my contradiction of how can we not call it a phase of ‘hopelessness’. After a few minutes, I was pretty much convinced that what we are going through is just another challenge in our life’s journey.

*The last few minutes*

Life is still not at a standstill. People are working, maybe some more and maybe some less. Everything is working out. People are praying for the betterment of others, and the world. Do we call that a phase of hopelessness?

There is still happiness somewhere amidst all the gloomy days. A simple conversation with a friend or a family member, enjoying your favourite movie on the sofa, or maybe enjoying your favourite song among nature, looking at the birds find home and food and the flowers bloom – happiness is not dead, is it? Hope is still alive, isn’t it?

Even though we think of this phase as a never ending one, think about someone born in the 1900s. Their phase of hopelessness, could be granted as ‘never ending’ and still, it ended. The world wars ended, the influenza pandemics ended and so did the worldwide economic crisis, The Great Depression, as we know it now.

Humanity always finds its way through. Even with the distance, we have learnt to understand other’s pains and have developed sympathy towards others. We have made ourselves efficient enough. We have devised applications and ways to go on with life, normally. We found ways to connect and keep up our living standards. Even in these different circumstances, life has still continued.


Me: Today everyone is struggling. People are not stress-free, real smiles are lost. People live in a state of anxiety. Why to live in a world like that? Why not to just end it?

Friend: You think a pre-covid world was stress-free? People didn’t face anxiety? Or if Covid didn’t exist, people would have real smiles?

Me: Maybe.

Friend: Maybe not. It’s all about balance.

*The next few mins*

The balance of the world never changes. It’s all about who struggles more and who struggles less. Its all about who finds happiness in unnoticed things and who doesn’t. The struggles, happiness and sadness are the same, just the forms have changed.

People struggling today, might not have struggled before. Maybe people who struggled before, are not struggling just as much today. While some people lost families, some found theirs. People who weren’t able to manage work and family, now are able to. Students who didn’t get enough time to play or develop their hobbies, now are able to. School from home, has surely had its boons even though it has increased certain struggles.

Though the struggle is more evident now, somehow it is maintaining the balance of the world. The world hasn’t stopped functioning and that shows that balance is maintained.

 Me: Yeah. Balance is maintained, but at the cost of too many lives and too many sacrifices.

Friend: So, maybe the universe felt like giving a shake to the world to maintain balance that was maybe not there.

*in my mind*

True. The world needed a shake. A wakening eye to all the vandalism we had done to nature. To all the things we now took for granted. A shake to maybe make us think harder, struggle harder as we moved to the next stage of existence.


Me: It feels like a game.

Friend: Puzzle rather.

Me: A game which has several levels and we are supposed to solve different puzzles to move on to the next.

*the next few minutes*

Indeed, it is a game that is making us go through different levels. A game where in which every player has his own skills, weaknesses and strengths. Each player is required to use them to move on to the next. Some levels are easier for some, while difficult for others. Today in this level, while some are succeeding, some are not. Here helping each other is a point earned towards the next level. As we solve the puzzle of this level, we survive. As we survive, we move on to the next one – which might be easy or difficult. Just like the next level of a game comes with challenges, so does the next stage of life and existence.

All players in this game go through the same levels. The difference is how they use their skills to move on to the next. Every person has gone through an equal number of moments in life which are happy or sad. Which might kill them or help them survive. The balance is maintained only and only if the struggle and success of people balances. No one is more fortunate or less fortunate. All are given equal chances, just at different times. There is no discrimination between the level of difficulty that the universe provides to every person. It’s about chances – the ones you take and the ones you lose.


Friend: When a person is laid to rest, he is not happier or sadder than the one lying next to him.

Me: True, all men die the same.


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