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Count Your Blessings

The news of Sushant Rajput's suicide shook the country. Yes, why did Sushant end himself. And why do many like him leave this beautiful world -out of choice??? With the best of things , what drives people especially the high and fancy, to bid adieu ?? 

People like Sushant are obviously blind to the boons life has bestowed on them. There is regret for what's slipped than gratitude for that what's earned.In the race for more, the achievements are not valued. One should certainly look ahead,but for once one may also look behind and be happy for the distance covered.One must and must Count one's Blessings!

I would like to quote respected Gaur Gopal Das who says that negativity is natural, but positivity is a choice.India is the womb of religion and spirituality.And in scriptures and saint literature,a lot is told about he power of our mind and thoughts emerging therein..

Next come obsessive thoughts about people who  are or have been the cause of our sorrows. So the formula is to focus on what we like, what we need for betterment, and people we like . As for getting hurt by people,recall Eleanor Roosevelt when she says,"No body can insult you without your permission."  

We are always advised by seers and wise men to live in the present and avoid mourning about the past. In the words of actor Dev Anand "leave the baggage behind", and  move on.

Most of us tend to wake up with the hangover of the previous day's regrets.This leaves a bitter taste for the whole day.

So how do we think positively?

Declutter your mind. Remove the junk of hatred,fear,diffidence,and anxiety.You have made space for nutritious thoughts that will improve your mental and physical health.

How do we go about it?

I would suggest a substitution method.If I'm getting negative thoughts. I Need to substitute those  with positive ones.Believe me,with healthy thoughts, it's almost like the whole surrounding comes to your rescue,and you do well.Your actions become positive, there are good vibes around.All that'stress' 

and 'burden'will be at least halved.

Parents, for example, should nurture sparkling thoughts about their children. This attitude and positive spirit is infectious and passes on to the children .

Keeping yourself busy in creative activities also helps nurture positive thinking.Some amount of  spiritual exercise is also helpful.If the Bhagwat Gita asks us to surrender to God and adopt the bhakti yoga,a self help writer like Norman Vincent Peale urges people to have faith and express gratitude as means of positivity.

How do we define positivity?

Anything that does not raise your palpitations, your pressure,or make you feel disturbed and upset.So when you are ready with a smile, you see the possibility of good to happen around, see the good in others and let go of some bad things, that's positivity. 

In The Monk who Sold his Ferrari, the lawyer talks of how the mind is la garden in which we should sow pleasant ,good thoughts to get the best results.Positive thoughts attract further positive results.

Friends,I had begun with the case of Sushant because he was at the far end of negativity. Can we overlook the strength shown by the superstar Amitabh Bachchan,who was at his worst in his fifties,but bounced back with hope.

What we need is literally a training, a daily mental exercise in nurturing good thoughts,using high energy words( as told by Sister Shivani) and paving our way not just to some high and fancy living but a state where wecan proudly claim tobe HAPPY. So, value what you have, and COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, and make the most of them.


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