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womens are leaders

womens day special
  womens are leaders of today.woman s
are equal to univerese. women is a mom
sister wife what not she can play every role in real life. she can manage office life
and home at atime. she can balance every thing personal carier and children.she has lots of pateince than the men.In olden days women never comes out  from home. they are only for kitchen not for 
other works. they should not see other person and she use to  bend his neck all the day to respect. she should be down to earth.the days changed middle days womens take one step farward.they came out side for some purposes. slowly they started education.womens started studiying equal to men.this is another step.after that slowly become as employees. women developed slowly and activates in all professions . now she is a 
teacher doctor police pilot driver  mechanic  etc .Not only this in sports also
women are participating equal to men
In that days only first indian women indira gandhi  as aleader she ruled india.rani rudrama devi  jhansi laxmi bai and more queens ruled the kingdoms with  out king.
some of women fought for their rights from olfen days. yes some great men also
help for women rights.veerasam pantulu rajaramohan rai etc who fought for women.they vanished sathi sahagamanam and child marriages. they 
encouraged widow marriages to give new life to women also.the womens developed themselves slowly now they are equal tomen  today.they are more than because they can earn and can manage home childrenand parents at a many works she use to can work 12 hours but women works  atleast 16 hours a day.I dont say all the men are not help women .in now a days some men als o works for his wife or mother or sister .in these days some married couples living as freinds and equally sharing the work.they understand the pain of women who tolerates every thimg with as proudly i say iam the respecting women respecting your self.
happy womens day for all the women in the world. she real beauty of the world. this article is for all the women in the world and also in universe. because now a days the womens work in space also.


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