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Dog becomes agod

Dog is the realy like afamily member.even the humans not haveany faith but a dog who had faith in her nature .
There is retired millatry captain has a dog penny.the retired millatry man with his wife a  retired IAS officer 
Her children were settled in usa .he had one girl and one boy.they were married well settled .to remove their lonely ness
They decide to geta pet and went to the pet shop .there is one lab dog very cute little one seeing sadly from inside the cage.capt Andrey sees the dog and asked the owner why dog is dull.owner tells him take any dog of your wish this dog when it came to pet shop that is in that condition only.i think some problem is there .we shown for a doctor also but there is no use .by seeing this we can't leave this and sell this.because one coustomer takes her home from first but what happened we don't know they leaved the out the dog out side of this pet shop.even i dontknow why they are selfish. So I get back my dog on my petshop.while going home take this to home .capt cried and asked that dog and promises him he will not leave the dog forever.he knows about capt nature he given the dog AS a gift to him.the days passes the couple treated the dog as their son.every day the dog wakes up couple and givesnews paper to capt.every day they went for a walk in the park. Then they recognise why the dog out s dull .the pet shopkeeper busy with shop he use to kept the dog in cage .he loves the dog but with busy shedule he can't spend the time with the dog feels alone.after dog sells for a first coustomer the same thing happens and one thing is difference between shopkeeper and the first custoumer .shopkeeper atleast he sympathised about dog .bur the first coustomer used to tourture every day to trAin.he don't understand why the e g d s dull inactive. He used to beat with belt  .he don't put the form d properly and he don't want that dog and leaved out side the pet shop.coming to capt he loved him so much cared as a kid.the dog completely changed.he become5years old now. The shopkeeper every 3months comes and plays with pet gives the food packets for dog.if capt offers Money also he doesn't accept s it .because he too love that dog. And appreciate s the captcouple how he adopted the dog like a family the dog is full active and naughty.penny the dog also cares both the old couple in some if they suffers from any health issues .the dog gets the medicines.and groceries what not helps lots of things .every one used to talk about dog and praises him.the coustomer is relative to capt .one day he comes and he asked her dog back.b ut  the capt ignores.but the customer blackmails that he purchased the dog first and he had adocument of that dog.the shopkeeper comes and supports for capt.but the notice comes from lawyer that dog should give to coustmer andin that notice coustmer tells that he missed her dog some wereand thecapt adopts it.the court accepts the request and sends notice against capt.the capt gives dog to him.the days passes away the captbecomes sick for a dog. Because thedog is everything for him.the son come back from usa and he send notice agai to coustomer for adog .every one tells the bond between capt and dog to judge .then judge cried afterlistening a bond between capt and dog.the coustomer also get shamedherself and he apologies for that and also he tells the dog became inactive dull when I take to home.then i understand the dog is adog to me.but the dog is agod for you.the dog wents into depression because of your absence I will back to you.the dog given back to capt back. The capt is very happy and also the dog .the bond is strong even the God can't break it.the son backs to usa.. the capt thanks her son for the beautiful gift of her dog.every one is happy and organises the Penny's birthday party .


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