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Title.. Mukti

That evening was ready to touch a different blush

The palm turned red in this unfinished evening.

The sea looks so beautiful today and the sea looks even more beautiful. The way to carry the memories of the time spent here with the oat gem that comes on this sand.There was a time when Kiran sat together and dreamed of the future with countless feelings bound together. He saw the beauty of his own face in his eyes. He raised my hand and said, "This sesame is a symbol of my love." So I ask how? And he used to say that when he accepted my love, this mole came here and I used to laugh.It had become a daily routine to meet here in the evening for an hour and after meeting to see each other as animish and when it was time to go home and Kiran would start talking about his dreams for the future and to hear that it would be night. Just didn't stay. Today it is a thrill to remember all that and laugh at myself.

Knew that he was married and I was single.I still remember the day when I saw him for the first time. He was appointed to the post of Assistant Manager in our office. the dress Seeing it, the heart stopped beating for a moment. It felt gone, and one day he called me in his office for work and said Miss Misha, please correct this email and forward it to me.He used to call me for so many small tasks and I started liking talking to him and wanted to call him again in his office todayNow we used to meet here everyday after office at the beach and one day took a big decision of life which a woman should not take before marriage. All such limits were crossed in Kiran's talk. Now this also became normal in daily life. But one day we came to know That Kiran has left the country foreverAt that time I was shocked because the seed of his love was planted after leaving my existence.

.But today I once again decided to leave the seed behind and gain freedom.

Harsha Dalwadi Tanu



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