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the stress buster

The life too lazy
Its look outside very crazy
The stress of all the day
You never get it out easy
The smile on the face
 sad behind  the heart you hide
Throws you in stress ride
Make some stress buster to relieve
To do a happy ride
Once you gets in depression
Your life is full of illusions
You cant controls the emotions
Dont give the life in other hands
They will play with your feelings
They act with innocence
Makes you as dummy one
They gives you lots of  stress
They knows your weekness
The target is you
They get fun by torturing you
Creating They are good
You  are bad in front of world
But god knows every thing
Some day gives you wings
To come out of it
Only the stress bustersvare
Like pets or kids 
Freinds or life partners
Mom or dad
Sister or brother
Say every thing to them
 remove your stress
Share every moment you bothered
They will help and shows what life is
Enjoy the life as you can
It is too short to leave


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