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Today's showers and rains

It was as if they had brought a letter from my mother.

Today's showers and rains

It was as if the letter from the Pope had been brought.


From there, from the country - from the places of heaven,

What is behind the clouds, clouds.

I missed you in the wonderland, -

As in those student years?


And every, eh, rain line,

As if the lines of letters are dear.

Oblique, then they seem straight ...

It's like a verse drips into my soul.


I wash away a salty tear from my eyes, -

A man in the rain will cry just right!

I will save my soul before the enemies,

Talking to the rain again heart to heart.


Whether it rains transparent ink

Verses sent by God il?

I kiss you with my lips, rains,

Salty as it seems, but you …



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