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About Shagufta Mehdi

Shopizens, meet Shagufta Mehdi a very talented young artist from the city of oranges-Nagpur. Her life portrait is as below : Exhibitions & Art Events May 2010: "Desi Musings"; solo event at Taj Hotel, Delhi October 2010: Fundraiser for oil spill; group event at Gallery 11, Pensacola, Florida June 2011: "Indian Musings"; solo event at Malaka Spice, Pune September 2011: "Alive 5"; group event at Rabindranath Tagore Art Gallery, Nagpur Bibliography June 15, 2011 - "Indian Musings" by Shree Lahiri - Mid Day June 22, 2011 - "Change of Art" by Amrita Jain - The Indian Express June 23, 2011 - "Strokes, Light and Sounds", exhibition listing in The Indian Express June 23, 2011 - "Exhibition by Shagufta Mehdi" by Kadambari Khare-Ghate -...More