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Mr Basu had to remain on a hold as he started releasing urea water which was almost like bullets fired out of an automatic gun; in fact he could unlock the trigger but until and unless the stock of the bullets got exhausted, he was unable to stop or lock again. Thus being a helpless spectator, he watched the gradual departure of the Tourist Bus that ruined him by taking Sudam away from him. He muttered some unspeakable slang to abuse the foolish bus driver. 


Only an hour before he wished for something exciting like light accident or unclaimed bag with bombs or etc but getting his desire fulfilled, he realised that he committed a blunder. It seemed that the God had been teasing him by providing something unnecessarily. Before giving something, He should think twice. Mr Basu felt, “The God is neither good nor wise.”


In order to reduce his anger he tried backward counting like before but in vain. Then he decided to recapitulate the entire events of that day; that might be helpful in rage management. The day was passing away like the following:

By the help of Sudam, his travel assistant and childhood friend, they became the tourists of a guided tour operator for the out station tour of Delhi. It took them Agra and then during return journey, they were showed Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna, as per the itinerary. It was a tour from hotel to hotel; it meant the tourist bus would pick-up its tourists from their hotel and would drop them in the hotel only at the end of the tour. Everything went on smoothly through whole over the day.


Had there been no Sudam, the travel would not be so enjoyable; he wished to express his gratitude to his only surviving guardian on the earth, his auntie who insisted to take Sudam along with him for trouble free tour.

At around 10:30pm the bus stopped for supper break; at that point of time, making an enquiry Sudam advised him to have whisky from an adjacent bar because the food in the restaurant was too expensive while the whisky was being sold at fair price.

The advice was not at all bad as they enjoyed the drinks at their heart's content after a tiring day. The magic liquor made Sudam sleepy while the same liquor activated his brain; he wished something exciting to happen during the trip. He started pondering over the fundamental decisions of his life.

He didn't marry in order to avoid confinement in a disguised jail known as family but could he avoid his life long confinement in laboratory, in research centre, in university and etc?


So, at his post fifty years of life, he realised that his decision regarding marriage was wrong. Why did he take so much time to discover the simple truth? Anyway setting out for a tour to get a break from his marathon research was a wise decision. Mr Basu felt so.


Suddenly the bus stopped and instantly some tourists got down as usual. Looking through the window he found the bus arrived at the Karol Bagh area; he remembered the foot over bridge through which they walked to reach at the metro station just on the previous day. They loved walking up to the station from their hotel.

So, having been relaxed, he too got down without disturbing Sudam's sleep. Initially he felt an urge for short toilets but finding other tourists having coffee from a mobile vender, he too became thirsty as his scientist's instinct advised him to maintain the balance of water in his body in order to avoid dehydration as he was going to release water from his body shortly.

But instantly he failed to decide; the input or the output to be given the priority.
Finally, putting a cigarette between his lips he set out in search of a suitable place for urinating.


The time, being post midnight, he could release water anywhere but still he spent some time in finding a suitable spot and ultimately found a good opening of a covered drain; it was about fifty meters away from his bus. Anyway finding his bus in a standby mode, he started urinating and just then the bus resumed its journey leaving him behind.


"If accepting Sudam as a travel assistant was a mistake then allowing him to advise must be a blunder,” Mr Basu thought.

Being frustrated, he cursed himself; primarily for his recent blunder and chiefly because of his extra fondness for Sudam. He could have woken him up before getting down.


Finding no alternative he decided to return to the hotel on foot, but alas! He failed to remember the direction through which they reached at the spot the day before. He couldn’t recapitulate the name and address of his hotel. Pondering over the consequences of the mishap, he became thoroughly puzzled. 


Having walked for some time, he felt his direction was wrong, so taking u turn he walked for some time and again after some time, the same idea occurred in his restless brain; that he was walking in wrong direction! Naturally like a pendulum he did to and fro making the fatal spot as centre. 


He remembered that they entered into that two lanes road through a lane. He decided to search that lane first. Again being puzzled and confused by all identical lanes, he selected one on a lottery basis and being bold started walking homeward; he felt so. He remembered, “All ways lead to Rome”


After sometime having been chased by a barking dog, he started running like a thief and the dog too getting momentum ran after him keeping safe distance. Suddenly his bookish knowledge gave him a shake and said, " Stupid, don't you know that a barking dog seldom bites?"


Still the well-known proverb failed to assure him as he thought seriously, "Does the dog know that proverb? If by chance it violates the rule. Violations of the rules are very common phenomenon of day to day. "


At that moment another idea visited his mind, “Why didn't he come across that dog during his walk along with Sudam? That meant his selection of lane was wrong."


In the meantime the barking dog ceased to follow Mr Basu having been chased by another stray dog; probably that area was under the new dog's control. 


Mr Basu was reluctant in correcting his fault; thus in spite of being aware about wrong route he decided to move forward as taking u turn meant facing as many as two dogs.


Suddenly he felt he was being followed; that time not by a dog, it might be a thief or a pavement dweller.


Since he got down in a hurry, he forgot to take his wallet or cell phone; he left his tiny travel bag at the lap of sleeping Sudam. Naturally if his new follower was a thief then he must be relaxed as there was nothing to be robbed out of him. "Sometimes the robbers become violent finding nothing to snatch and in that case he might receive some free punch or kicks." Thinking thus he became a bit scared.


"And by chance if it were a ghost; no that can't be, because the idea of ghost is bogus. It can't be real." Thinking positively he removed the second possibility. 


He looked back stealthily and suddenly a horrible thought overpowered him. "If there is God, then there must be ghost." Thinking so he ran a race and having reached at an area, predominated by broken roads, probably due to certain on going construction over there, he got stumbled and fell down on the ground with a great thud and lost his sense immediately. 




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