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School - My Home

Our class 12 board exams were cancelled on 1st of June 2021. Though they were exams, it was a last chance for us to visit our school, and make a few more memories in those limited hours and days. Having lost a huge chunk of our school life this year, I think this applies to every class 12 student today. An unimagined end to a precious phase.

15 years flashed before my eyes

Unknown if I should cry or rejoice

I sat there looking at myself evolve

As in my mind a lot of days revolved

Not a single one wasted I was sure

Anger, gloom, ecstacy and pleasure

All that I learnt among people unknown

Breaking rules, the real definition of fun

Was the most important lesson learned.

Textbooks, notebooks, pens and pencils

With those, were our memories ever filled?

Laughing hilariously at a joke made -

Too many jokes, pranks and talks left unsaid

Time played its game with all of us

That led us astray from the craved ruckus.

Thank you to all those people I say

Who sat by me through all my days

Leaving home with a tear stained face

To bring back my smile there was only one place.

Many memories of this journey my mind clouds

My feelings and emotions for every moment profound.

Tears flood in the sockets of my face

As I remember 'Home', I would call this place.

Shaivee Chokshi



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