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The Perfect Moment

The skies turned from blue to black

The sun rays poured through a crack

A horizon in its own way was formed

In the sky; one against another cloud.

The swing called me.

The leaves swayed to the rhythm of the skies

Falling flowers, as one after another dies

Pink, yellow and green they form a whirl

Landing delicately on the grass like a pearl.

The wind gushed across my face.

Two delicate shades of pink left their place

Alongwith the wind they shared a dance

Those petals kissed the ground

the next second; with an unheard sound.

I reached upto those delicate buds.

Picking up those beings so fragile

On my face formed an instant smile

A water droplet from heaven fell onto my palm

Sending at that instant a tune that made me calm.

The skies, the rains, the petals called me to dance.

Feeling alive in just a moment

Around me lingered a beautiful scent

'Perfect' was all that this moment could be

For nothing other than peace I could see.

Shaivee Chokshi



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