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Poets from all over the world, unite!

Now is not the time for confrontation.

We were not created for our own glory,

God chose us to serve Humanity.


We are the guides of blind Humanity,

If we don't show him the right way, he will fall into the abyss.

At all times, poets, thinkers have served as a torch for people.

Poets must be like Prometheus, like Danko Gorky.


Come to your senses! On our shoulders lies the fate of civilization,

So it was in the past, so it is now, so it will be in the future.

We don't have to be distracted by the little things in life,

We must proudly carry the torch of peacemaking.


To open people's eyes, to encourage them to remain human,

To love each other, to be an eternal torch for people,

Like Homer, like Rumi, like Khayyam, like Dante,

Like Rudaki, like Hafiz, like Navoi, like Shakespeare.


Like Ganjavi, like Schiller, like Verlaine, like Baudelaire,

Like Byron, like Pushkin, like Goethe, like Tagor.

Like Kipling, like Lorca, like Neruda, like Esenin.

Like Beranger, like Mickiewicz, like Kits, like Shelley.


We don't live for orders and medals,

We live not for the sake of awards and titles.

We do not live for glory and privilege,

We live for the POETRY of the world.


A world without Poetry as a body without a spirit.

We, poets, must provide for his livelihood.

With his heartfelt word, all-encompassing love,

We are the blood of the Universe, we are the heart of the Universe.



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