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Taka Goto  (Takatoshi Goto, M.D., Ph.D.)

Born in Nagasaki-city, Japan, May 23, 1968.

Graduated from the School of Medicine, Jichi Medical University.

Completed the Doctoral course in the Department of Hematology of Jichi Medical University.


1995 : The Modern Haiku Debut Prize. 1997 : Sweden Haiku Prize.

1998 : The President of "Haiku Square".

2001 : The Modern Haiku Critic Prize.

2006 : The senior assistant professor, Department of Hematology and Literature (Japanese literature and Regionology),School of Medicine, Jichi Medical University.

2007 : The lord of Utsunomiya Castle.

2014 : The Research Fellow of Gunma Prefectural Women's University, The vice-president of Haiku University.

2018 : The vice-president of Japan Haiku Association.

2020 : The instructor of Modern Haiku Association.


Publication Credits:

Haiku collection :  Kaiba (Hippocampus/Seahorse) (1996), Raiko (Thunderbolt) (2001), The Haiku Collection of Takatoshi Goto (2004), Horai-Kiko (The account of voyage to Shangri-La) (2005)

Criticism : “To surmount the Modern Haiku” (2021)

Co-author :  Modern Haiku Handbook (1995), Multilingual Haiku Troubadours 2000 (2000), The Great Encyclopaedia of Haiku (2005), and so on.



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