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I introduce myself as an imaginative and creative person albeit a surly and shy child spiritually; maturity would be slow - growing up in London in the 1950s - school was boring albeit with exceptions of the above attributes that I put into practice.

Exemplified, and as shown talent for Art and English during my early teens at school - to win successive Art-prizes for my abstract-art paintings which impressed my art teacher moreover literally progressed with English composition, poems and essays.

However, having to work for a living for 15 yrs, I was In the wilderness spiritually for many years; my enthusiasm returned in the late 90s - after Christian baptism in 1992.

Without great success as a painter, I re-evaluated the anomalies of the art world, and in turning to spiritual poetry, I discovered my real niche was to write creatively and with subjective variety.

I have no personal limits of sublimity; I endeavour to explore my talent in expressing myself through inspiration and imagination; using the English language to write with my own unique diction and poetic-license.

- Gerald Weeks Esq



Maybe it's because I am a Londoner - being born in its center, lived in all compass- points moreover ' raised my voice ' to sing as a choir-boy

In an east London Church of England !

Foggy and cold it was - in the 60s - my first poem of recollection was at 12 yrs old, and was aptly titled:  " The Fog "....thereafter I enjoyed English classes at school - especially art painting - of which, I excelled by winning art-prizes for several years with my vivid abstractions - the best of which were quickly acquired by my art teacher and the headmaster !!

Having to go to work at 15 yrs, I did not pursue further study in Art or English, exception being IT computer-module certificates.

In spiritual-wilderness until my late teens; I discovered the truth of Jesus Christ - being healed in his presence of emotional-melancholy and the hormonal teenage-vicissitudes of life.

The innate-bug for language and art resurfaced after being eventually baptised as a Christian in 1992.

During the late 90s, I began to practice art for 10 years or so, my painting technique improved being lowly self-taught albeit with high hopes !

Disillusioned with limited success in the anomalies of the art world - it was only with commissions received that

I began to sell.

I decided therefore to turn to my other talent of writing; I attempted writing a novel in my 30s albeit it was poetry that became a niche especially fascinating; I was enthused on reading the 'greats' in this field albeit undaunted !!

Having 3 brothers working as Electrician, Soldier, Fireman; I felt it was incumbent on me to reveal a latent, late-developing  arts-vulture - watching-over the dying arts-culture - thereon I perched on my family-tree !

I began to glean my from my regular poetic efforts via Facebook poetry-groups from 2010 ongoing; writing poetry in my own way to discover that no subject-matter was excluded; my passion for variety was realised as being quite eclectic - therefore I knew this was my niche to develop my unique diction and poetic style.

Eventually I decided to publish my first poetry anthology: " Heights and Depths of Wonder " in 2017.

The cost - even for self-publishing was not cheap - using funds from working in hospitality and security for many years.

I am now able to introduce my second albeit lengthier and content-superior anthology :  " Lengths and Breadths of Wonder "....

I endeavour to achieve a sublimity of variety and unique diction to discover my own heights, depths, lengths and breadths of poetry's mystique and wonder - the metaphysical, inspirational, metaphorical, imaginative, and allegorical.

The essence and qualities of poetry expressed from heart and mind is that which both the haughty and humble poet aspires to.

-       Gerald Weeks Esq



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