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INTRODUCTION : PROSIER POESIE Prose bereft of herbal rhyme being pricked by ' vers libre ' are but rose-thorns in the prosaic-nose albeit healed to be married poetically by Prosier-roses scented; an ambience shower of velvet, confetti-petals detached however are loosed into ailing winds to be found somewhere ' out there' in a decaying,...More
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Jyotirmaya Thakur (retired Principal) is the author of twenty-six books . Multi - genre award winning poet of more than 300 awards from literary and humanitarian organisations. A reviewer, translator, columnist, researcher, spiritual, social and environmental activist. She serves on various prestigious Committees as International Ambassador in many literary and humanitarian organisations. Her work has been published in more than 500 anthologies, magazines internationally and translated into many languages. She is invited to prestigious Literary festivals as a special guest.

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