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Prose bereft of herbal rhyme being pricked by ' vers libre ' are but rose-thorns in the prosaic-nose albeit healed to be married poetically by Prosier-roses scented; an ambience shower of velvet, confetti-petals detached however are loosed into ailing winds to be found somewhere ' out there' in a decaying, scent-vented orbit of poetic-time relented; allured by mother poetry whose gravity maintains a proximity consented, not as yet touching to become stanza-versed in maternal rotation; redolent, velvety words thus slowly float down to sail as leaves settled on water yet adrift in slow motion; their meanings however sink or rise in rapids or becalmed flows, and scents trust in their aroma for any downwind reception. Poetry thus fettered and lettered are scents sent downstream to a Prose-poetry mooring, tethered to a fragile, Poesy-chained, flotilla-convention. If a gossamer-thread forbids a weighty, wordy-web to weave; Prosier-scented, red-raindrops will lightly hang on their whiffy washing…..

I present the following 36 Prosier scents to conjoin in the index:  Man, Woman, Nature, Spirit, Nations, Culture, Power, Fear, Courage, Mammon, Honour, Love, Peace, Passion, Faith, Trust, Integrity, Faculty, Compassion, Conscience, Vanity, Pride, Humility, Avarice,  Stress, Unbelief, Truth, Morality, Rebellion, Conformity, Attitude, Folly, Reason, Education,  Harmony, Wisdom.

 Jyotirmaya Thakur Expressive narrative prose poetry is presented in the index: 37 -65 touching all aspects of  the cosmos ; mundane to ethereal.

The Prosier Poesie Scents are revealed or hidden scents of nature under the panoramic sky are there for the beholding eye, and the joy of sudden discovery therein of its beauty; thoughts and dreams that feed a poet's hunger are personified therein Prose Poetry from the poet's imagination, experience and perspicacity. The romance is the dance among its setting, and the setting sun cools and refreshes its own noon cooking of life raw; ingredients aromatic with Prosier Scents therefore rise from its stewing awe. Nature's secret, botanical recipe is stirred, and romantically the reverie is consumed; its nutrition has given food for the narrative thought in this gifted poet's comparable metaphor, and in her incomparable, unique  expression - to sate imaginations mirages, to animate spectacle visages, thus the mystique of her poetically Prosier Scents are perceived and preserved in her mind and heart to journal; sharing her poetry with you is sharing her secret scents on the journey.She is a sufi whirling in circles to devote her words to the Eternal love that transcends mortality to immortality.  

            -  Gerald Weeks



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