Madonna in America

Madonna in America

Prakash Das Prakash Das


Madonna. A 16th century Italian word. ‘Ma’ meaning ‘My’ and ‘donna’ meaning ‘Lady’. ‘My Lady’. The image of this pure, chaste mother has been depicted in art many times over the centuries; in paintings and in sculptures. Many galleries exhibit them. Cradling the baby Jesus in her arms, she smiles serenely. A scene...More
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PRAKASH DAS was born in the Jessore district of undivided Bengal, now part of Bangladesh. He is the eldest son in a family of two girls and five boys. Following his study of medicine in Dhaka, he practised and taught medicine in the UK, the Netherlands, the USA and Malawi and has written for a considerable number of publications on the subject of haematology and transfusion medicine. He has previously written and published three books: ‘Small Steps’ - which describes a number of voluntary projects active in different parts of the world; ‘Searching for Clues: A Journey Around Medicine’ - a collection of previously unpublished medical articles and most recently ‘Didi’s Journey’ an intimate memoir of his beloved older sister....More

Publish Date : 30 Aug 2022

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