Good Bye 2020 ( 22 December 2020 To 21 January 2021 )

Good Bye 2020

Good Bye 2020

Hello dear Authors. The year 2020 is about to end. This year will always be remembered for the terrible Coronavirus pandemic and other tragedies it has brought into our lives. Many of us have lost our loved one. We have spent almost the entire year with a heavy heart. But, nothing lasts forever. There is always a light, rays of hope at the end of the tunnel. 
At this end of the tunnel, let’s recall those sweet, bitter, sad, and every kind of moment and feeling. Let’s write about those things which gave us strength in hard times, boosted our spirit, and cheered up our minds. Let’s express ourselves through writing and share our experiences with others.

Rules and Regulations: 

1. Submission for ‘Good Bye 2020’ is open from 22/12/2020 to 21/01/2021 – 12 Midnight.
2. ‘Good Bye 2020’ is open for everyone. 
3. Please note that you have to write exclusive and unpublished content. If the content is published on any other online platform, it would automatically get disqualified. 
4. This is not a competition. You all will be the winners and get a digital certificate for participating.
5. The word limit is between 800-2500.
6. Maximum 5 entries per writer are allowed. Co-writing is not allowed. 
7. There are many forms of academic dishonesty, including plagiarism, or the representation of another person's words, ideas, or information as if they were your own. If we found any such case, strict legal action would be taken. (Under Ahmedabad Jurisdiction.)
8. Shopizen prohibits any kind of religious provocation or inappropriate – obscene material in the article. 
9. Inappropriate writing about our country's leaders and other dignitaries is also banned. Your every submission on Shopizen should be original. All the copyrights belong to the author only. Under no circumstances, Shopizen would take responsibility for the same.
10. Previously published content at Shopizen platform would not be qualified in ‘Good Bye 2020’.

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