Reflection of values in Raghuvansham

Reflection of values in Raghuvansham

Dr. chandrhas shastri Sonpethkar Dr. chandrhas shastri Sonpethkar


Education is like a mission of man-making. Man is a social animal. He follows some values in his life. If education gives him lessons of values, he will become socially developed person. So, it is needed that education has to touch every literature which reflects values. The developing world is growing very fast. Man has made great achievements &...More
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संस्कृत अभ्यासक. वारकरी सांप्रदायिक कीर्तनकार, प्रवचनकार, भागवतकार. समाज माध्यमांत सातत्याने भारतीय तत्वज्ञान, संत साहित्य इत्यादी विषयक लेखन.

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