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Hornbill Ahoy

Hornbill Ahoy

Katie Bagli Katie Bagli


This is the story of two Grey Hornbills, a male and female who show their charming courtship displays, followed by the nesting of the female in a sealed tree hollow. In due course the chicks are born. One of the chicks, falls out of the nest while the parents are away. Being inquisitive, it goes exploring, and barely escapes being smitten by a...More
Short story Child Literature
Usha Sarode - (21 September 2020) 5

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Shubhada Nikharge - (04 September 2020) 5
What a lovely love story of a hornbill couple and adventure of their little baby!

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Medha Rajadhyaksha - (02 September 2020) 5
Very sweet story ...bringing out hornbill biology without being obvious. Photographs are amazing...

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Priya Babre - (02 September 2020) 5
It is a very touching story and shows that how kids must be patient to open our their wings of freedom. The Story Also give us lot of information on Hornbills.

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Shaivee Chokshi - (02 September 2020) 5

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Sparsh Hardik - (28 August 2020) 5

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I am a children's writer. I have published 23 books so far, most of which are on topics of nature. I conduct a number of wildlife and creative writing workshops, especially with children

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