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Shopizen is honoured and excited to present 'Kamal Goswami', water colourist, illustrator, art photographer and graphic designer from Porbandar - the city of 'Mahatma Gandhiji'. Kamal Goswami has done Graduate Diploma in Arts (Applied Arts) from Ahmedabad. He has worked as an Art & Craft teacher at Porbandar-Gujarat for 15 years and currently he is teaching at St. Josheph's school-Porbandar since 2005. His Brief life sketch : Best handled Mediums Graphite, Acrylics and Water colours Group Shows year 2005 Birla hall, Porbandar year 2011 nirmal gujarat, Tajawala hall, Porbandar year 2015 town hall Jamnagar. year 2016 Natwarsinhji Art Gallery, Porbandar year 2016 10th art celebration, tajawala hall, Porbandar. Awards Gujarat kala pratisthan,...More

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